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What are V-Rings?

So, what exactly is a V-ring? Well, you might also hear these little components referred to by the name "V-ring seal". In simple terms, a V-ring is an axial shaft seal, meaning that it seals axially against a surface.

Highly reliable and dependable, V-rings seal against dust, dirt, water, and more, safeguarding other components in a machine or system. There are various different kinds of V-rings, including type A V-rings, type S V-rings, and type L V-rings. Each type has a slightly different design, with different applications, but they all serve the same basic purpose.

What are V-Rings Used for?

Like other kinds of seals, V-rings are mainly used for forming a strong, protective seal around a part or component. They’re highly versatile, working well in both radial and axial applications, and they can defend parts against all sorts of external elements, from dust and dirt to oil and grease. They're useful across a wide range of industries, from the automotive world to the agricultural industry, and you can find V-rings being used in gearboxes, motors, drives, and more.

The Best V-Rings

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