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What are Oil Seals?

As the name suggests, an oil seal is a type of seal that is used to protect components like shafts and bearings against build-ups of oil and grease, as well as dirt and debris. They're among the most commonly-used forms of seals in the industrial world. A typical oil seal will be comprised of an interior flexible section and an exterior metal part, with the two sections being stuck together via a chemical adhesive.

What are Oil Seals Used for?

The primary function of an oil seal is to form a strong seal around a shaft, bearing, or other surface or component, protecting it against build-ups of oil or grease. Secondarily, oil seals also defend against dirt, dust, and debris. They're very useful seals when it comes to protecting certain kinds of machinery and other pieces of equipment, and they’re popular in many industries due to their ease-of-use and versatility.

The Best Oil Seals at Motion

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